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    Pre-sales Faqs ?

  • 1. How I could be benefited from Standard features plan?
    If you are planning to sell own stock products, standard plan is enough to list all products and sell it online.

    You can always upgrade it to multivendor after paying the difference amount.

    A retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, brand house etc could be benifited from it.
  • 2. How I could be benefited from Multivendor features plan?
    If you wanted to sell some more products for which you dont have own stock actually, you can invite other vendors/sellers to signup with you. They can list their products and will be fullfilling orders. In return, you earn commissions from their product sellings.

    Even if you dont have any product in your stock, you can just promote other vendors products only.

    Any body who are interested in selling without high investment on product stocks, could be benifited from it.
  • 5. How to update domain name server (DNS)?
    It is required only if you opted to get hosting from us.
    Login to your domain panel, locate option to edit name server and set it as below (remove default entries).
    (If any A record or redirection is working, that also has to set off)
    Refer below to update it.
    If bought from Godaddy: Click here
    If bought from Bigrock: Click here
    Follow similar if you bought it from some other domain registrar.
    You may verify updated name server at
    If you find difficulties while doing so, provide your domain panel login id/pass to us, so that our people will do it for you.
  • 6. Which Web hosting is cheap & best for ecommerce startups?
    There are many service providers are available from where you can book a domain (eg. and a linux hosting with cPanel.
    Important hosting features:-
    Unmetered Space: It determines how much data you could upload to the server. Most data come from product images. On average, a product image file size is about 100kb. 1024KB = 1MB, 1024MB = 1GB. About 50% of the total space should remain available so that you can create backup smoothly.
    Unmetered Bandwidth: It is counted on a monthly basis and determines how many visitors can browse it.
    Free SSL: It gives a secure lock sign when explored on a browser.
    You can also consider other features like auto backup, RAM, inode etc. For more clarification, please contact the respective service provider support team.
    Hereby we are referring one service providers you may consider
  • 7. Which payment gateway is best for ecommerce startups?
    There are many service providers are available from whom you can get services for online payment processing. Based on our experience and internet research , we recommend PayuMoney.
  • 8. Which SMS service provider is best for ecommerce startups?
    There are many sms service providers are available but instant delivery is important for an ecommerce business. Based on our market research, we recomment TextLocal India.

    Post-sales Faqs ?

  • 1. How to get free Android app/apk and How to publish it on play store?
    Step1: Keep ready a app logo image of size 512×512 px. The image should be final as it is one time free service for you.
    Step2: Signup/Login at Firebase >> create a project >> Add an android app (hint: if the domain name is, we follow a culture to put app package name as com.myshop.myshop {mandatory in small letters}) >> Download google-services.json file at second step. No need to go for further steps. Provide this google-services.json to us. Watch the video
    Step3: Create a support ticket to request for your free app. Once our person ask, provide them with app logo and google-services.json file.
    Step4: Signup/Login to Play store developer console (Pay one time Google signup fee $25) >> Publish your aab file and test apk file on your android device before publishing it to play store. Enable unknown sources under (settings>security) inyour device >> Install apk using package installer >> Test push notification from Firebase panel.
    Watch the video
    Step5: Login to firebase panel>>grow>>cloud messaging to send notification to users. Under Additional options (optional), you can use ‘ url ‘ as key and any landing url of your website as value.
  • 2. How to update web contents from admin panel?
  • 3. What are dos and don'ts?
    Follow below hints for a smooth and hassle free operation.
    • Download a safe copy of zero day backup.
    • Don't install any external module you found Or Install/Uninstall any existing module. You should simply enable/disable it.
    • Dont delete an existing demo category/product. It might be assigned to multiple other related modules too. You should rename it.
    • You are free to add new categories/products refering settings of existing one.
    • Always upload images of correct size and should have a simple file/folder name. Don't include blank space and/or any special character/s in file/folder name.
    • Most of home page block's settings are from extentions>>extentions>>modules>>...
    • Follow screenshot to edit certain demo text you may need to modify.
  • 4. How does manual courier tracking work?
    Once you recieve an order notification on email and sms, login to your admin panel >> view order history >> update order status. One click print the shipping label and send package via any courier near by you. Have a look into Demo admin panel tracking

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